In-Office Teeth Whitening in Hudson, OH

Having pearly white teeth can make you look more attractive, feel better about your overall appearance, and boost your self-confidence. Our in-office teeth whitening in Hudson can help you achieve that.

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Why should I choose professional in-officen teeth whitening?

The main reason to choose professional teeth whitening is that it is safe and minimally-invasive. It’s an effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. Professional treatments use stronger bleaching agents than other whitening options, so the results are more dramatic and long-lasting.

Additionally, professional teeth whitening is monitored by a dental professional, making it safer and more comfortable for the patient.

At Luminous Dental, we use the most advanced in-office teeth whitening kit, featuring Glo ProPower technology. This enables us to provide fast and effective in-office teeth whitening experience.

Did you know…

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Your teeth have pores, just like a sponge, which causes them to absorb stains.

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The Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Quick & Efficient

In general, in-office teeth whitening is a faster, more effective, and pain-free way to brighten teeth than at-home kits and over-the-counter products.

Long-lasting Results

The effects of in-office teeth whitening last longer, usually up to a year and more, with proper care.

Completely Safe

This procedure is safe and has a low risk of sensitivity.

Maximum Results

With in-office teeth whitening, you can get up to 12 shades whiter within a few minutes with zero sensitivity.

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Process

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The in-office whitening treatment process begins with a thorough examination of the teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Dr. Leah Divito will evaluate your oral health and advise if in-office teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you.

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Procedure Prep

Next, the dentist will place a protective gel on your gums to prevent irritation from the whitening product and protect the gums.

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After preparation, Dr. Divito will apply the whitening agent to your teeth and use a special light to activate it. Activation is important as it helps accelerate the whitening process.

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Once the whitener is applied and activated, the dentist will rinse your teeth to remove any excess gel.

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Lastly, your dentist will advise you on maintaining your teeth for long-lasting results. This may include regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two categories of teeth whitening products that actually work.

The first are abrasive whiteners, such as toothpaste that contains baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and other very mild abrasives. These abrasives work similarly to sandpaper, rubbing plaque and surface stains away from your teeth. These abrasive whiteners work on minor stains, but the abrasive is not strong enough to damage enamel.

It is recommended that you avoid charcoal toothpaste, which has abrasives that may be hard enough to damage your enamel with frequent use. Stick to an ADA-approved whitening toothpaste product.

The second category of teeth whitening products that actually work are chemical whiteners that contain peroxide. These are available both from dentists and over-the-counter, but it’s best to work with a dentist to get your desired results, and ensure that your teeth are not damaged by over whitening.

To explore your options in further detail and make sure you choose a safe, effective teeth whitening product, get in touch with your dentist for a consult.

The effects of this treatment can last up to a year or more, depending on how well you care for your teeth. If you want teeth whitening in Hudson, Luminous Dental is your go-to dental office. Visit our office today or call (234) 269-5288 to book an appointment with Dr. Leah Divito.

In-office teeth whitening is completely safe. This procedure is closely monitored by a dental professional who will ensure that treatment is conducted safely and correctly.

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