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Why might I need an extraction?

Unhealthy or problematic teeth aren’t good for your oral health. Our team at Luminous Dental will always try to save your natural teeth, but sometimes a simple, painless tooth extraction is the best way to get your smile back on track. There are many reasons why a patient may need a tooth extracted. Wisdom teeth tend to cause discomfort that can be alleviated with extractions while some advanced restorative procedures, like dental implants, require the removal of unhealthy teeth. With a gentle technique and local anesthesia or sedation options, teeth extractions can be quick and painless.

Did You Know...

Healing time after an extraction is typically 1-2 weeks.


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Get To The Root Of The Problem

With digital x-rays, we get high-resolution images of your teeth that allow us to make more accurate diagnoses. When you’re in pain or experiencing an emergency, we can see why the tooth is reacting and if an extraction is needed.

We Extract Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth often cause pain and discomfort when they begin to erupt. If you find yourself dealing with unexplained headaches and jaw pain, come in for an consultation to see if your wisdom teeth could be the culprit. We can either refer you to an oral surgeon, or see if you are a candidate to have them extracted right here at our office.

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Growing up in Boardman, Ohio, Dr. Divito developed a love for dentistry at an early age. This passion developed after she got her braces off and saw a straight, bright smile. She couldn’t believe the impact straightening her teeth could have on her overall confidence and well-being. That’s when she knew that she wanted to help others feel the same. Because she excelled at both math and science and loved the creativity of art, dentistry was the perfect fit. Now she can combine her talents with artistry and science to improve people’s lives–one smile at a time!

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Modern Dentistry at Its Finest

Tools and Technology

Using the latest dental technology allows us to deliver an experience that is faster, safer, and more comfortable for our patients. 

Cone Beam, or CBCT,  imaging creates a 3D image of your teeth, soft tissues, and nerve pathways to help Dr. Divito place implants and perform other procedures with higher accuracy. 

Digital X-rays are more comfortable than traditional films, are more environmentally friendly, and expose our patients to less radiation. 

Intraoral Cameras give us a crystal clear image of your teeth so we can see up close the grooves, pits, and fissures to make sure everything looks healthy. Early detection means earlier treatment, which preserves your natural tooth and also saves you money and time in the chair.

The Benefits Of Dental Extractions


From achy wisdom teeth to severe damage, extractions can get you out of pain quickly.


Extractions remove problematic teeth and clear the way for prosthodontics, like dental implants or dentures.


Removing problematic or painful teeth can improve your oral and overall health.

Treatment Process

Procedure Prep

After cleaning and sanitizing the site, your doctor will numb the area with local anesthesia. Depending on your case, you may only need local anesthesia for your extraction. The goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during treatment, so you may choose a sedation option as well. Sedation can help you relax and relieve anxiety during your procedure.

Extraction & Healing

The extraction itself usually only takes a few minutes. Once the tooth has been pulled, Dr. Leah Divito will clean the area and suture the extraction site if necessary. Recovery typically takes 1-2 weeks. She will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions to help your mouth heal as quickly as possible.

Treatment Plan

Whether you need a one off extraction or several teeth removed in preparation for additional services, your treatment plan is created specifically for you and your needs. You doctor will discuss all options and give you the final sign off so we can get your smile back on track in the way that makes you most comfortable.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need A Bone Graft After My Extraction?

In many cases, we will recommend a bone graft after an extraction. By performing a ridge preservation graft, we can fill the space left by the extracted tooth to maintain the integrity of your jawbone. Not only does this help preserve your bone, it can also provide a solid foundation for a dental implant in the future.

Are Extractions Covered By Insurance?

Extractions that are required to remove impacted wisdom teeth, or damaged or decayed teeth, are typically covered by insurance. To fully understand your coverage and benefits, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Tooth extractions may be necessary for patients suffering from an extremely severe cavity, severe damage from oral trauma, or an infected tooth that cannot be saved with root canal therapy. In most cases, it is possible to save your tooth with a crown or root canal therapy, but sometimes an extraction may be your only option.

Improper wisdom teeth growth is the most common reason for tooth extractions. If your dentist sees that your wisdom teeth are impacted or failing to erupt properly, an extraction may be recommended to ensure that your other teeth remain healthy. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth to be removed, however. Consult with your dentist to find out if your wisdom teeth are or will be a problem.

A tooth extraction may be required if severe periodontal disease is compromising the health of the tooth, causing it to loosen from the gums. Your dentist may want to extract these teeth to prepare you for a strong and long-lasting tooth replacement option, such as dental implants or dentures.

Will I Be In Pain After My Extraction And How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Thanks to numbing and sedation treatments, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during or immediately after your extraction procedure. However, symptoms such as pain, discomfort, swelling, bruising, and bleeding may begin to arise within a few hours following your extraction. While these symptoms tend to peak within the first 2-3 days, they will begin to fade as you continue to heal. Make sure to eat a diet of mostly soft foods for about 5-7 days after your treatment to prevent impact and agitation.

It will take about 1-2 weeks to completely heal from the extraction. By carefully following the recovery instructions provided to you by your dentist, you can enhance the healing progress. It is not normal to endure severe pain and discomfort 1-2 weeks after your extraction, so contact your dentist for a follow-up appointment if you are experiencing these symptoms.

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I have EXTREME dental fear and anxiety. So bad it kept me from going to the dentist for years. I was referred by a friend and finally got up the gumption to go. And I’m so glad I did! Starting with the wonderful receptionist, so professional and welcoming. The assistant was pleasant and gentle. Then the Dr. she really is one of a kind! So kind and reassuring. Always slowing breaks and great conversation. I’m sure it took longer than expected because I couldn’t stop laughing. I 100/10 recommend this place! I’m finally looking forward to going to the dentist!


I know it sounds strange but it was hard to actually keep my mouth open because I was laughing so much. Fun at the dentist , who’d a thunk it!?


Amazing Team! Loved every bit of my visit. The Luminous Dental team took care of every detail and made me feel great. Highly recommend them if you're looking to make a change.


I am absolutely terrified of the dentist, I've had some very poor experiences. From start to finish the dentist and her team were incredibly attentive. She had a very gentle touch and patient care was her absolute priority.


The dentist is not my favorite 😫 but Dr. Divito and her entire team made me feel comfortable and cared for from start to finish. The entire experience was wonderful!!